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EnVie by DMID

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The full collection, dubbed EnVie, is an assortment of fine furnishings meant to entice and a reflection of Mondi’s unique design aesthetic. Inspired by a fusion of European sophistication and global modernity, the collection is intended to evoke emotions of desire. Sensual lines, bold graphics, and edgy elements are a few of the undercurrents running through the line. En Vie was a way to explore her own creative desires through functional, practical furnishings that can find their way into many different lifestyles and interiors. And, as the ultimate expression of desire, the pieces in the collection were named after mistresses of famous European rulers.

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EnVie - Diane



Diane de Poitiers - Mistress of King Henry II, slowly killed herself by drinking Renaissance elixirs of gold meant to preserve her flawless beauty. The Diane bench with its abundance of gold has a timeless beauty that will never vanish.

18”d x 55”w x 18”h

EnVie - Gabrielle

Drink table


Gabrielle d’Estrées - Mistress and influential confident to Henry IV of France. Even though she was one in a long line of many dalliances, she left her beautiful mark in history by positively impacting the crown’s relationship with the church. Our Gabrielle drink table with its strong and confident exterior barely conceals a true heart of gold.

16”w 12”d x 26”h

EnVie - Carolina



Carolina Otero - Mistress to Edward VII known for her coveted voluptuous shape. The Carolina Vanity Chair with its graceful, full curves will make you feel like you’re his one true Queen.

20”d x 18”w x 30”h *

EnVie - Agnes



Agnes Sorel - Mistress to Charles VII of France, a true beauty often known to wear revealing clothing and eventually rumored to be murdered by the son of her lover. The Agnes chair, dressed to impress and one never knows what may unfold. Gathers of rich fabric make this lounge chair one you’ll want to keep around.

28”d x 26”w x 37”h

EnVie - Charlotte



Charlotte de Beaune Semblancay - Mistress of King Henry IV of France, part of the notorious “Flying Squadron” a group of beautiful female spies known for using their feminine wiles to seduce important men. The Charlotte lucite cocktail table is sure to lure you in with it’s sexy curves and almost disappears as if it were never there.

Overall: 36" x 25" x 18" H *
Thickness: 1-1/2” top, 3/4” sides

EnVie - Odette



Odette de Champdivers - Mistress to the “mad king” Charles VI, often contending with his paranoid delusions and schizophrenia, and at one point he believed he was made out of glass. Our Odette mirror will have you wondering who’s staring back at you.

42”w x 84”h x 2.5*

EnVie - Lola



Lola Montez - Stage name for Spanish dancer and mistress of Ludwig I of Bavaria, surrounded by scandal due to the provocative nature of her signature “spider dance”. Meant to be noticed, the Lola hide rug is soft and sensual with a dark, sinister edge.

72” x 108” *


*sizes may be customizable