Donna Mondi Interior Design


Lux & Concord: Top Home Décor Trends for Spring




Even after a pretty mild winter, there is no doubt that all of us are ready for spring to finally arrive. It’s the time of year for fresh starts; closet clean outs, new healthy recipes, fresh wardrobe updates and fun additions to home décor. We’ll be covering all of the above throughout spring, but to kick it off, we have the top design trends you’ll want to use to spruce up your home for the new season.

Donna Hall of Donna Mondi Interior Design, a high-end luxury design firm in Chicago, shared her design trends with us and also included ways to decorate with decadent colors and materials. If these color-rich and high luxury examples are any indication of what we can all add into our own homes, then there certainly is a lot to look forward to this spring.


Hilary Silverman