Donna Mondi Interior Design

Transitional Renovation

“I want to love our home.”  This was their request the first time I met these clients.  They had bought what they thought would be the perfect home on the perfect corner in the perfect town for their young family.  But it never felt right with it’s dark colors, heavy millwork, and traditional cabinetry. The DMID Team went to work lightening, brightening, and turning this home into something they will appreciate for years to come.

Arched doorways were straightened, trim was modernized, and new front doors opened up the entry. A white kitchen with antique mirror accents and a metallic backsplash expand the space. Furnishings throughout blend rich textures with sleek surfaces and pops of vivid color to create unexpected surprises in every room. What’s not to love now!

Featured * Traditional Home

Photography * Stoffer Photography

Contractor * Silver Leaf Construction